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International Citizenship

IPD have provided a comprehensive list of International Citizenship options available together with how to obtain a Citizenship, Passport, Visa or Residency by Investment.

✔ Citizenships and Residencies

✔ Tax FREE locations

✔ Investor friendly countries

Access Visa FREE travel to 100's of popular countries including the UK, many parts of Western Europe, Canada and the United States

To have a full understanding of the options available begin a no obligation consultation with an IPD investment consultant who will guide potential investors through the application in a step-by-step process including the services of a Lawyer.

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International citizenship

We specialize in economic citizenship investment services.

Each project is selected for its unique ability to provide an excellent legitimate solution to those looking for a property purchase to secure a second passport.

Discover the world through a citizenship by investment - IPD offer the best routes to Economic Citizenships.

Note : At no time will IPD request monies direct from the applicant. All fees should be payable to the legal representative or Lawyer handling the case.

Learn which countries offer citizenships by clicking on the map below.
World Citizenship



St Kitts   Cyprus   Grenada   Antigua   Dominica   Austria   Malta   Portugal   Spain   Belgium
Bulgaria   Hungary   Slovakia   Hong Kong   Australia   USA   Canada   Panama   UK    
International Citizenship by Investment
This is a comprehensive guide to Economic Citizenships, Visas and Residencies - please use this as a basic introduction. The information provided also outlines the levels of financial investment required which varies from country to country.

Once you have decided to start an application contact an IPD consultant who will provide you with a full step-by-step guide to achieving your goals

What we do :

IPD specializes in citizenship investment services. Each project is selected for its unique ability to provide an excellent legitimate solution to those looking to acquire a second passport, visa or residency through investment.

There are many ways to secure an international citizenship, but very few options to complete the process in six months through the economic citizenship route. IPD has the team in place to assist clients who wish to explore all opportunities for citizenship in a variety of international locations.

Even if you pursue the long term solutions by residency to citizenship which can take many years the IPD team can assist you to find a property and provide a turnkey team to manage the process.

Our goals for you :

Simply, our goal is to provide the best international citizenship investment opportunities available that will lead to a successful granting of citizenship and second passport to the applicant and or their family members. IPD takes your investment criteria and matches a solution or investment package to meet your stated goals for citizenship.

This is accomplished through our team and associated network experts located worldwide. Our clients have confidence in knowing they are speaking directly to the financial decision makers and are therefore able to feel confident about the information and opportunities being provided.

For more information on an international citizenship complete an enquiry form
We are consultants providing services to private and corporate investors - our mission is to educate, inform and guide buyers to select and purchase viable real estate and related products nationally and internationally. We provide programs including Economic Citizenships, REITs, Bonds and Investment Packages.
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