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Hungary Citizenship

Featured benefits of the Hungary citizenship program :

Hungary passport grants full EU citizenship which means you can live and work anywhere in EU and travel to over 120 countries without visa
Citizens of the European Union enjoy rights and privileges that extend from travel, work, and residence to healthcare, justice, and various social benefits. The three core benefits of being an EU citizen are freedom of movement, freedom to work and study, and security of the social and legal systems.
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Hungary Citizenships
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How to obtain Hungary Economic Citizenship by Investment

Discover the world through Hungary citizenship by investment - IPD offer the best route to Hungarian citizenships.

Hungary citizenship fee structure :

As a EU member state and part of Europe's open-border Schengen zone, Hungary is offering wealthy foreign investors a fast-track permanent residency status, leading to citizenship, in exchange for the purchase of €250,000 in government bonds.

Hungary's immigrant investor program was established in late 2012 and became operational mid-2013 and specifically targets wealthy investors, especially from China and or business people who are not residents or citizens of the EU.

Hungary citizenship program :

Under the program, investors acquire special residency bonds, which are issued and guaranteed by the Government, and have a maturity of at least 5 years. The subscribed bonds should be for a minimum amount of €250,000, which would qualify the investor and their family to submit residence permit applications and receive preferential treatment. In return, investors and their family first obtain a Temporary Resident permit (3 month estimate), followed by a Permanent Resident permit (estimated 6 months after issue of temporary residence permit).

There is no minimum net worth, nor management experience required for the client. The due-diligence and background verification processes will be performed by the authorized financial intermediaries.


The above information is about how to obtain Hungarian Economic Citizenships

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