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One of the fundamental aspects of IPD Property Group is to offer products that have been through our due diligence procedures, that they provide returns to investors, that they are ''real'' and either partly or fully operational.

In a market place that remains volatile, our philosophy is that if the ROI is very high, and the product does not exist, we advise investors to be extra cautious.

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IPD Property Group provide a range of benefits to the investor

International Property Investors - IPD provides diverse property based investment solutions that cover the spectrum of real estate assets and are turnkey ready in highly sought after locations.

Options for seasoned or new investors and discounted real estate investments in the prime locations

The types of real estate investments we provide are exampled below as follows:

Commercial real estate investments : office buildings, office units, towers, hotels and entire resort complexes.

Residential real estate investments : most investors start off with a residential based investment and usually prefer to have at least some residential real estate investments in their portfolio.

Industrial real estate investments : storage units, warehouses, factories, landfill sites, industrial development land and land plot investing.

Retail real estate investments : shops, restaurants, shopping malls, strip malls, retail storefronts fast food outlets - these all are viable types of real estate investments.

Mixed-use real estate investments : condo towers, office complexes with residential components, resorts with residential, retail and commercial elements with steady sources of income due to location and client foot fall are but a few examples.

Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs : REITs are unique and IPD Property Group can guide investors unfamiliar with this type of real estate investment with guides and advice.

Custom solutions and packages for property investors

If you are looking for secure and solid opportunities we are dedicated to helping you on your way with independent advice and tailor-made proposals for property investors looking to purchase international property or property within key destinations. IPD have on-hand experts in property investments who will help guide you through the process of why a market may be suitable for your needs and point out which investment property could be the right one to fit with your expectations a new or long-standing property investor.

Property investments

We will place your needs first in finding the right property investment to suite your needs, property investments in the best locations around the world with our goal to achieve the lowest price possible while purchasing investment property that will increase in value over time. We put our clients on our 'Property Release Alerts' where you will be the first to know about special pre-release prices, heavy discounting on turn-key property and full details on income generating property investments - only for registered investors and property buyers seeking to make high returns.

IPD Property Group know about international real estate markets, who's building, who's not, where to invest, who's buying and why. Learn More »
We are consultants providing services to private and corporate investors - our mission is to educate, inform and guide buyers to select and purchase viable real estate and related products nationally and internationally. We provide programs including Economic Citizenships, REITs, Bonds and Investment Packages.
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