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One of the fundamental aspects of IPD Property Group is to offer products from the best developers and builders who value their partnership with us and therefore will provide occupational service to IPD's clients.

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IPD services. What can you expect from IPD Property Group. What do we do for our clients and how do we do it.

What do we do for clients? - IPD Property Group provide a range of services focused on income producing property and the real estate investment market.

Active for over 20 years

The IPD team has been active in the field of real estate sales and marketing for a period of over 20 years, 10 of that internationally and above all our focus is on providing a personalized solution to each of our clients needs.

100% Independent Company

IPD, originally a family operated business, has been built on trust and traditional service based ethics, and has grown into an internationally recognized leading resource for in depth information, overseas real estate market knowledge backed up by turnkey quality products.

We operate completely independent so you know who you are working with.

Benefit from our special relationships

Our clients can benefit from the relationships we have built up over the years with builders, property developers, agents and investment analysts who come together to provide viable solutions for IPDs' clients.

Property Matching for Clients

IPD will help clients to match their property selection criteria, based on our processes, knowledge and experience, and present either a single property perfectly matched to their needs or a range of properties dependent on their specific requirements. IPD will prepare a sales package that addresses the concerns of legal title, finance issues, closing costs, insurance HOA, rental income levels and investment criteria.

Our time and resources spent help investors identify viable options

IPD Property Group spend time and resources analyzing locations and markets we offer and look to provide realistic returns on 'real' turnkey income producing property in local and overseas locations.

Due Diligence

IPD Property Group perform high levels of due diligence on the products we provide and on the history of our partners.

Private and Corporate Opportunities

IPD Property Group provide a range of investment opportunities to fit both the private investor seeking to purchase a single unit and for the corporate investor who is looking to access multi-unit opportunities and larger investments with solid performing histories.

FREE or low cost stay and try inspection trips

IPD will work on our clients behalf to set up an inspection trip and pre-negotiate the best possible deal, (deals that no one else can beat). IPD have an open communication policy and are transparent on process and progress. Throughout we answer questions and provide support information on specific questions such as what health protection do buyers have, what is the tax situation in the chosen location and can I have full residency access.

IPD Property Group know about international real estate markets, who's building, who's not, where to invest, who's buying and why. Learn More »
We are consultants providing services to private and corporate investors - our mission is to educate, inform and guide buyers to select and purchase viable real estate and related products nationally and internationally. We provide programs including Economic Citizenships, REITs, Bonds and Investment Packages.
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