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REIT investors, find out about the best REITs, opportunities, programs and REIT investments available through IPD. As part of our investment services, IPD offers access to Canadian and US Private REIT offerings, in addition to other property based investment fund opportunities. Investors should be qualified (click here to find out if you qualify) to apply for these investment opportunities.

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REITS and investment opportunities

Sample REIT Opportunities :
Open-ended Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust. One of Canada's fastest growing private multi-residential real estate entities. Learn More »
Apartment REIT offering - company has 10 years of proven experience managing commercial property. Learn More »
Investors will receive a preferred return of 8% per annum, cumulative and non-compounded, NO US Tax Filing. Learn More »
Collective ownership of commercial and industrial real estate. Learn More »
The company acquires or develops industrial and commercial properties with minimum individual capital outlay and maximum tax advantages. Learn More »
Invest in the development and construction of three income producing multi-family properties located in Regina, Saskatchewan. Learn More »
Canadian Alberta - Exempt Markets - Commercial, retail, industrial and mixed-use. Learn More »

Examples of the more popular real investments are outlined below or available through the REIT Program menu located above. This is not a complete list of all the existing opportunities, additional offerings are available on request, depending on the investors area of focus or knowledge of the markets, in Canada or overseas. IPD's goal is to match your needs and assist you through the due diligence process to invest in diversified real estate portfolios throughout Canada and the US.

RRSP, RESP and TFSA eligible REITS, Trusts and Bonds

There is also opportunity to discuss limited time availability, private investment trust and bond offerings, for commercial development investment in Western Canada or the US. Whatever your investment need is, individual property, investment trusts or private developer bonds / limited partnerships, IPD is there for you, every step of the way...from consultation, through to purchase.

Are you a Qualified Investor (click to find out more about being a qualified investor)

Depending on where you live in Canada, the provincial securities commissions impose different qualifications for investing in a private REIT, these are some of the best REIT options we believe. The information below is only a general description of exemptions and isn't comprehensive. You should speak to your advisor and/or our investor relations department for further information or to seek clarification.

Located outside of Canada or the US?

If you are an international investor outside of the US or Canada and wish to invest into the best REIT for you we can assist you with the processes of how to achieve your goals - our consultants will provide guidance and information about processes and products.

IPD Property Group have a range of REIT products to offer the private and corporate investor. We have partnered with the best REITs to offer a range of options and will provide the investor guidance and full investment breakdowns. Learn More »
Learn how to enter the REIT market or if you are already investing, what other options are out there for you as a REIT investor. Learn More »
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We are consultants providing services to private and corporate investors - our mission is to educate, inform and guide buyers to select and purchase viable real estate and related products nationally and internationally.
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