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One of the fundamental aspects of IPD Property Group is to offer products from the best developers and builders who value their partnership with us and therefore will provide occupational service to IPD's clients.

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Looking for advice on where to buy an investment property - follows is an introduction on where to start

Looking for an investment property requires a set of criteria to work to, in order to fulfil the investment objectives.

Part of the process is to look at the various aspects of the investment with regard to its location for which a short version of our due diligence steps as relates to where to buy an investment property follows.

1. Location fundamentals – is the local economic situation favorable enough to justify an investment

2. Is the developer respected and known for delivering a good product in its locations

3. Does the developer provide product suitable to the local demographics

4. Are prices comparable within the location to ensure re sale value

5. Is the infrastructure in place to accommodate the development or are there steps being taken to ensure efficient service connections

As an investor you might being considering a location already, and to that end we can assist you with the research and data collation to ascertain as to if the location is in fact viable.

IPD advise investors to focus on creating a balanced property portfolio, and we can provide a varied type of investment including but not limited to:

1. City Center developments targeting high net worth individuals

2. Community project aimed at the emerging middle class

3. Lifestyle resort or luxury vacation community projects tapping into the tourism sector

Within each sector investors can look at entry level units to multiple units at leveraged pricing where IPD can provide the necessary consulting services to achieve the desired investment goal.

Some markets are higher risk than others. With all markets there are unknowns and investors should consider investing into reliable solid performing slower markets as well as considering the higher returns in the faster and often emerging market places.

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We are consultants providing services to private and corporate investors - our mission is to educate, inform and guide buyers to select and purchase viable real estate and related products nationally and internationally. We provide programs including Economic Citizenships, REITs, Bonds and Investment Packages.
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