Singapore Pools Uses Bizzdesign’s Aurora Lottery Platform

Gambling Sep 12, 2022

Singapore pools is the state-owned lottery subsidiary company of Singapore’s Tote Board. The company is the only one legally permitted to operate Singapore’s lotteries. Its main activities include selling tickets for the Singapore Lottery and Singapore Powerball. The company also operates a few other lotteries in the region.

IGT’s central lottery system

International Game Technology (IGT) has announced a six-year deal with Singapore Pools Limited to deliver lottery services via its Aurora system. This lottery platform includes several advanced features and will help Singapore Pools improves its lottery business and increase profitability. The system is designed to provide reliable, scalable lottery solutions to help manage and process large volumes of transactions.

The new solution will include IGT’s Aurora Navigator, Data Connector, and Aurora Anywhere. The first component, Aurora Navigator, will provide a single point of management for lottery applications and back-office functions, ensuring that Singapore Pools can maximise their profits. The second component, Data Connector, is a plug-and-play platform that allows external applications to connect to the lottery core system without a complex integration process. The third component, Aurora Anywhere, will serve as a secure gateway, allowing lottery operators to integrate their products with the core lottery system without exposing data to unauthorized parties.

IGT’s Data Connector

The IGT Data Connector will be a key part of Singapore Pools’ operations. It will allow the lottery system to integrate data from external applications, allowing the back office to operate efficiently and optimize the user experience in real time. The Data Connector will also enable Singapore Pools to leverage Aurora Anywhere, IGT’s data integration platform. This platform will allow the lottery to manage high volumes of transactions while still maintaining security and reliability.

Singapore Pools is a state-owned lottery organization in Singapore. It is the only organization licensed to run the lottery in the country. International Game Technology, or IGT, has recently signed new lottery deals in several countries. Most recently, the company extended its deal with the Rhode Island Lottery for 20 years and signed a contract with the National Lottery of Mexico.

Bizzdesign’s platform

Bizzdesign’s platform for Singapore pools is used to run a comprehensive digital signage program. The system manages over 450 displays, all of which can be managed from a central location. The solution helps Singapore Pools fight illegal gambling and provides a safe and legal environment for betting customers. Users can place bets online or in the live betting venues. Bizzdesign’s platform is the perfect fit for a company that is looking to transform its business.

Singapore Pools has more than 300 branches and provides lottery and sports betting services. The company has been a pioneer in the fight against illegal gambling in the country and has gained the trust of Singaporeans. It’s mission is to provide a safe and reliable environment for betting, and to ensure that the profits go to charitable organizations.


By using the PoolzConnect service, you can bet on the racecourse from your home at any time. You just have to place your bet and be sure to make a note of the event number and your bet type. To avoid losing money, make sure to enter a PIN in order to safeguard your account. You can also check your winning percentage by checking the latest odds, which is a valuable tool in increasing your chances of winning.

The PoolzConnect telephone betting service is based on Internet Protocol call centers and is linked to local banks. This technology provides remote access to bettors, while improving customer service and reducing illegal activities. The system will also enable you to converse with a call center operator to receive personalised betting advice.

Church of Saint Alphonsus

The Church of Saint Alphonsus, also known as the Novena Church, is located at 300 Thomson Road. It is a non-parish church that is under the care of the Redemptorists. The name Novena Church is derived from the novena prayer devotion. The church is open for both public and religious worship.

The church was first opened in 1935 and the annual procession began on 21 June 1953. The event commemorates Our Lady of Perpetual Help and regularly attracts tens of thousands of devotees. In one year, as many as 30,000 people attended. In 2010, the church celebrated its 61st Annual Procession on its current site.

Responsible gaming campaign

The Responsible Gaming Campaign at Singapore Pools is a proactive approach to educating players about responsible gambling. The campaign uses digital signage to spread information about playing within your means and problem gambling. It also incorporates XML data connections to provide frequent updates. The central management system of PADS4 has enabled Singapore Pools to manage its campaigns easily.

In addition to implementing a responsible gaming campaign, Singapore Pools has embraced a digital transformation strategy. This involves shifting the organisation’s focus from a legacy business model to a more agile digital company. In the years since Singapore’s independence, the nation has faced many challenges, and one of the most difficult was the rise of illegal gambling. The government feared that banning gambling would only drive these activities underground, put more money in the hands of the triads, and create a hostile and dangerous experience for Singaporeans.


Digital signage is an important part of the marketing strategy at Singapore Pools, which uses it to educate customers about responsible gaming. Singapore Pools’ digital signage is managed centrally using a PADS4 system with an XML data connection. The company chose PADS4 for its flexibility and central management system. Its users can easily access updated news, information, and lottery results.

If a winner does not claim his/her Prize Pool, the company will donate the unsold iTOTO units to good causes. Unsold iTOTO units are not eligible for rollover. Singapore Pools reserves the right to rectify errors.

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